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PCB Rising Clamp Terminal Blocks

 PCB Rising Clamp Terminal Blocks

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PCB Rising Clamp terminal blocks are a classic wire to board connection method, soldered to the board by the pins and the wire entry on a separate face horizontal or vertical to the PCB. The terminal block comes with a screw type termination method, which in this section is a rising clamp.The Rising clamp terminal blocks are considered a more superior block to a wire protector terminal block, as the rising clamp is capable of being used multiple times, an easy way to remove or replace for maintenance. Terminal blocks are usually a more cost effective wiring method and are more suitable to applications where the wire will be installed and not removed. With a range of pitch sizes available from 2.54mm up to 10.16mm, with the more industry standard 5mm pitch and 5.08mm pitch taking the main bulk. Low profile terminal blocks can also be found, with larger profile terminal blocks offering high power characteristics for high current and voltage requirements.

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